automatic strapping machine

There are many benefits to using automatic strapping machines. While they can be quite pricey upfront, they will provide a lot of benefits for your storage, transport, or packaging business in the long run. There are many reasons to invest in automatic strapping machines if you own any of these types of businesses. Below are a few of them:


1. Faster application

Using automatic machines allows workers in your packaging, storage or logistics business to apply strapping to packages significantly faster than they would if they used manual strapping tools. This allows your business to strap up more packages at a time, and you’ll be able to accommodate a lot more tasks in the same amount of time. With automatic strapping machines, you’ll be able to save business time.


2. Adjustable tension

Each package has different tension requirements. Bundling soft and springy items, for example may not need that much tension, just enough to hold multiple items together. Hard objects such as wooden crates, on the other hand, may need tighter tensioning. Automatic strapping machines have adjustable tension levels, allowing workers to match the tension according to what is appropriate for each item.


3. Consistent quality

Manually applied straps can differ between packages. When it comes to strapping and bundling applications, achieving consistent tension levels is not easy. With automatic strap machines, it’s easier to achieve uniform tensioning as the machines are set to apply the same level of tension and the same amount of strapping.


4. No wastage of straps

Wastage of straps is easier to avoid when using strapping machines. Most automatic strapping machines are designed to use only the exact amount of strap needed for a package, which depends on a number of factors including the size and tensile resistance of the item strapping is being applied to. This helps you conserve your straps, which in turn allows for bigger savings.


5. Strapping compatibility

Most strapping tools are compatible only with straps made of certain materials. For example, plastic straps can only be used with poly tensioners, just like how steel straps have tensioners designed specifically for use with them. Poly and steel strap tensioners are not optimised for poly woven strapping. Most automatic strapping machines can be used with a number of strapping types, which makes them all-rounders.


6. Durability

Automatic strapping machines are built to withstand heavy usage, making them perfect for different types of environments, whether in factories, warehouses or the like. They are durable and have physical features that allow easy storage, which also prolongs their lifespans. Their durability makes them excellent investments.


7. All-in-one package

Manual strapping tools differ greatly; there are those that can be used only with a certain strapping type. In addition to this, for each strapping type there is a compatible sealer, as well as a certain type of seal for that sealer. What’s great about an automatic strapping machine is that it can come all-in-one, meaning if you have a strapping machine, you will have no need for different manual tensioners, sealers and seals.

Hunter Industrial Supplies provides automatic strapping machines that are durable and easy to use, improving the strapping, bundling and sealing operations in your factory, warehouse, storage or similar business. If you want to view our range of strapping essentials or learn more about our other products, visit the Hunter Industrial Supplies website. You can also get in touch with us by visiting this page.

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