Glass panels are extremely fragile. Protect them during transport with stock cartons, pvc protection tape, and bubble wrap. 

Glass panels are among the most commonly used materials in construction and design. Unlike timber, cement and steel beams, glass panels need extra care and protection when they are being transported. Failing to ensure this will likely result in broken panels - a costly mistake that could easily be avoided with the right precautionary measures.


Here are some important steps to consider when transporting glass panels:


Protect the surface from scratches

Glass panels are prone to unwanted marks during transport, so it’s important to protect them from getting scratched or damaged. There are many options that you can use, such as foam sheets, builder’s film and PVC protection tape. Newsprint and wrapping paper can also work, as long as you use multiple layers. If these items are not available, blankets would also make great alternatives.

Not only will this keep the glass panels crystal clear, it will also give you an easier time in keeping things under control in the event of an unexpected mishap or accident. For instance, in case breakage occurs, wrapping ensures that the resulting debris is contained. As broken glass shards are both hard and dangerously sharp, this makes it easier to clean up while simultaneously preventing you from injuring yourself.


Protect the edges

Out of all the parts of a glass panel, the ones that often come in contact with other objects are the edges, so additional protection must be applied to these spots. For small panels, applying a few layers of masking tape on the edges is enough to protect them from damage. Make sure that you’re using masking tape, though, as other adhesives may leave residue that is hard to clean off.

For larger panels, custom edge protectors are the way to go. However, if price is an issue, bubble wrap can work just as well. You can also fold foam sheets into multiple layers and secure them with masking tape.


Use padding

If you’re planning to transport multiple glass panels, the best way to protect them is by sandwiching each panel between sheets of protective material, not counting the material used for protecting surfaces. Stock cartons and multiple sheets of bubble wrap are both effective and inexpensive. However, if you want better protection and have a bigger budget, you can use custom styrofoam padding as well. One more thing - after sandwiching the panels, don’t forget to apply protection on the edges!


Mount them properly

Aside from using protective items, another important factor in the safe delivery of glass panels is how you position them in the vehicle. First, make sure that the surface is completely flat. When placing the panels, make sure that they are positioned vertically, as placing them flat makes them significantly more prone to breakage.

Secure the panels onto the walls of the vehicle or use a glass rack. When placing differently sized items, load the larger pieces first.


Make sure the drive is safe and smooth

Stay away from bumps or potholes when driving, as the resulting force will likely damage the glass. Maintain consistent speeds but don’t go too fast to avoid hard braking. When turning, drive carefully to avoid the possibility of the panels getting displaced.

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