CBS-320 Cardboard Shredder

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The CBS-320 Cardboard Shredder is a heavy-duty industrial-grade machine designed to efficiently shred cardboard waste. It can create void fill or honeycomb stretchable cut cardboard, making it versatile for different applications. With its energy-efficient drive system and powerful motor torque, it delivers consistent performance even at low speeds. The shredder has a wide cut width of up to 300mm and is known as the cleanest and quietest option in the market. It features a user-friendly design with a dust-free vacuum connector and includes a self-standing bulk bag for convenient collection.


The CBS-320 Cardboard Shredder offers a reliable and environmentally friendly solution for businesses dealing with cardboard waste. Its heavy-duty construction and ability to transform waste into useful materials make it a valuable asset for various industries. Whether you need void fill or honeycomb cut cardboard, this shredder provides efficient processing. With its energy-efficient drive system, powerful motor torque, and wide cut width, it ensures consistent performance. Additionally, its user-friendly design, dust-free vacuum connector, and included self-standing bulk bag make it convenient and easy to use.

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